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Google, which is one of the most popular search engine in this world have some secrets too. There are a lot of services of Google like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger which are much popular and doesn't need an introduction. However very few people in this world know about some of the interesting and entertaining stuff that Google offers. There are a number of Google tricks which are widely known as Google Gravity Tricks or Gravity Google Tricks. If you are still unaware about the hidden Google Gravity tricks, then don't worry as here in this blog I am going to tell you about all of the best Gravity Google tricks, which you can do on your own too.

This Gravity Google blog is completely dedicated to Google Gravity tricks where you can find all of the best Google Gravity tricks and pranks.

What Is Google Gravity

Google Gravity is basically a javascript-based trick or can be called as Gravity Google prank to enjoy Googling experience. These tricks were originally created and programmed by Google itself in 2009. There are different kind of Google Gravity tricks out there which have their own uniqueness. In some tricks web pages turn upside down or might be falling down, similarly in other Gravity Google tricks you will be welcomed with some puzzles or games which can easily confuse anyone.

Google Gravity is known by different names like Google zero gravity, Google gravity pop, Google gravity Underwater/ Google Water, Google Mirror Gravity, Google gravity space, Anti gravity Google Or Google Anti Gravity, Google Rainbow Or Rainbow Google, Google Guitar Gravity, Google no gravity, Zerg Rush Google Gravity, Google Zero gravity, Google gravity sphere, Google gravity fall, Google no gravity and much more.

Settings To Be Done Before Using Google Gravity Tricks

If you are using Google Chrome browser then here I will tell you what settings you should do before doing Google Gravity tricks and pranks. Don't worry as these settings are safe, and your browser will not be vulnerable after doing this.

  • Go to and turn off instant search result. We have to do this because we don't want to load suggestions while doing this trick. Now click on Save button to save your settings. See below image for more.
Google Gravity Settings
  • Now after turning off instant search result, go to Google, and type Google Gravity in the search box, and click on I am feeling lucky. Don't press Enter or Search.

Now wait for few seconds and till the page loaded completely. Once done you will begin to see that all elements of the page are fallen down to the bottom, like there is no gravity. You can use your mouse to drag or throw anything from that page, and the most amazing thing about this trick is that the search box will continue to work. Yes, you can search anything using the search box and top 3 results will be shown to you continuing the same trick, means they will fall down to the bottom of the page too.

Best Gravity Google Tricks

So let's begin with the most popular Gravity Google tricks which I think you will like for sure. Just follow the steps mentioned below to find out how a particular Google Gravity trick works.

Google Zero Gravity

As the name suggests, Google Zero Gravity is a trick in which Google search page loses its gravity and everything fall down. This trick is one of the most interesting Google gravity trick which can be enjoyed freely. You can also use this as Google gravity prank if you want to do some fun with your friends. When you will search something on the page, the search results will fall down too. You can click and throw anything from the screen. If you are feeling bored, and want to try out something different, then do check out this Google Zero Gravity trick from below link.
Google Zero Gravity

Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity Underwater is another Gravity Google related trick but with some water in it. Yes, this trick works very similar to above mentioned trick, but in Google Gravity Underwater all of the contents of the page will float on the water. The half page will be filled with water and there will be some fishes and sharks which keeps on sailing around the page. If you are feeling that this is boring trick, then here comes the main and interesting part. Whenever you will click on I'm Feeling Lucky button on the Google Gravity Underwater Page, a gold coin or crown or a box with treasure will fall down into the water. You should be explicit with your writer what you're searching for. intercultural learning You are able to also go searching for those who advertise that they're writers. Beginning freelance writers often feel that there's a particular formula they ought to follow. You can also create waves by clicking anywhere underwater with your mouse.

Google Gravity Underwater

Google Sphere

If you are tired of those falling and floating objects of Google, then you should have a look on this Google Sphere trick. This Google Sphere trick is another part of Google Gravity tricks where you land on Google Image Search page and everything on the page rotates around the Google Image Search logo in the shape of a sphere. You can just land on this page and go full screen to prank your friends with this Google Sphere Trick. The screen looks absolutely beautiful in this trick as there are a lot of people out there who have not yet seen this trick before. Do note that you can't search for anything from this page, but you can visit other pages of Google by clicking on the names.
Google Sphere

Do a Barrel Roll is a popular and most famous Google trick which is also one of the funniest Google Gravity trick. To do this trick, you just have to visit the Google search page and type "do a barrel roll". Within few seconds when the search results will display on your screen, you will notice that whole screen including search results will take a 360 degrees turn.
Do A Barrel Roll

Google Zero Gravity Inversion

So I have already told you about Google Zero Gravity, now this trick is same like that, but it is in reverse position. In Google Zero Gravity Inversion everything will be displayed in flipped. Yes, you can search anything you want using the search box, but the search results will be displayed inverted too. You can use this trick to prank on your friends or on anyone you want to. Do note that there is also a similar trick like this which is known as Google Mirror or Google Inversion, in which web page displays inverted, but not with Zero Gravity.

Google Tilt

Not too much to tell about Google Tilt, but it is a simple to use and much easier trick. You can just move on to the Google Tilt page, and the search box will be shown in titled way. You can search anything using it, but this Google Tilt trick can be used as prank on those friends or family members who don't know about it. You can just open this Google Tilt page and let them use your computer, once they will see the tilted page they will surly get confused with the things going on your system. All you have to do is to visit the Google Search page, and type TILT in the search box, and click on Search Button.

Google Tilt

Other Gravity Prank | Google Tricks

Google Guitar

Love playing Guitar? Google have got something for you. Yes, with Google Guitar you can play guitar on your own. This trick is basically known as Google Doodle Guitar. With this trick you can surprise your friends and family members too as there are only few people who knows about it. When you will visit Google Guitar page, you will see that there are 10 strings on it. Whenever you will hover your mouse on a string it will play a sound. Each string have its own kind sound. The most amazing thing about Google Guitar is that you can even record what you are playing on it. There will be a button below strings which can be pressed with mouse and your recording will start. Click on it one more time and recording will stop and this Google Guitar will give you a link to share your sound wherever you want.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is another cool trick of Gravity Google which is actually a game. Just open Google search page and type "Zerg Rush", and click on search. Wait for few seconds and you results page will be filled with ZEROS (0's) and they will try to eat your search results. What you can do is click on each of them to destroy them. Each ZERO have its own power, so yo may need to click multiple times on a single ZERO to destroy it. Don't be happy if you have killed all, soon many of them will enter your screen again. Zerg Rush is one of the best Google trick which I do often whenever I want to relax and pass my time.
Zerg Rush

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